Philosophy of Education


Hillside Christian Academy is a Christ-centered school, meaning:

  • The Triune God is the Ultimate Teacher and Headmaster,
  • Our school teaches to the whole student, spirit, body, and mind,
  • We see our school to be set apart by God for His specific purpose, sealed by the Holy Spirit, full of God’s truth, and an agent of healing for the spirit, body and mind.

Hillside Christian Academy exists to provide a level of academic excellence that is worthy of both the names Christian and Education. Our Philosophy of Education is based on the following axioms:

  • A God-centered view that the purpose for gaining knowledge is to discover truth, and that all truth is God’s truth, and outside of God no truth exists.
  • God’s truth is revealed through:
    1. The Bible, the only infallible, authoritative Word of God that contains this truth;
    2. Jesus Christ, the Son of God who embodied God’s truth;
    3. The Holy Spirit who reveals God’s truth to the world; and
    4. The creation, God’s natural world, which contains all knowledge and truth in existence, therefore, the universe and humanity are dynamically related to God and have the purpose of glorifying Him.
  • The purpose of all subject areas taught in a school is to discover God’s truth in His creation as revealed by the Holy Spirit, and to lead every student to know God and glorify Him by accepting God’s free gift of salvation through His Son, thereby committing his or her life to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

Hillside Christian Academy adheres to the belief that academic excellence cannot be achieved without excellence in the quality of the teaching staff it employs. Our teaching staff approaches the ministry of teaching in the following way:

  • Our teachers believe they have been called into the ministry of teaching. This calling has been confirmed by their pastor and the administration of Hillside Christian Academy;
  • Our teachers have been educated in the academic disciplines and trained in the ministry of teaching;
  • Our teachers know their classroom belongs to God and they submit to His authority and leadership;
  • Our teachers enter their classrooms as humble servants, proclaiming God’s word, interceding on behalf of their students, making the necessary sacrifices for the glory of God and the benefit of their students;
  • Our teachers are Christ-centered teachers, producing lesson plans that teach to the whole student: spirit, body and mind, conveying God’s truth and bringing glory to God.

Hillside Christian Academy enables its students to develop a worldview consistent with Scripture by presenting a Biblically integrated curriculum. Since God’s Word is the source of all truth, true education must take place in the light of this truth. Every subject is taught based on the truth that God is the Creator and sustainer of all things. Therefore, all subjects are taught in the following light:

  • Mathematics: We live in an orderly world, and mathematics is systematic of studying this orderliness. This is a study of numbers and their operations, measurement, space configurations, and relations of quantities, as expressed by numbers or symbols. We cannot study or teach mathematics without recognizing God who created a universe of order which continue to follow systematic patterns.
  • Science: Science is the study of God’s creation. We believe that as we learn about God’s creation, we are able to learn more about God Himself. The physical sciences and the life sciences provide the methods for observation, experimentation and discovery of God’s truth in His creation.
  • Social Science: God has created our world and those who inhabit it. He is sovereign over them. God has ordained specific institutions such as government and family. Social Studies is the study of the history, geography, economics, and social structures of the world God has created.
  • Language Arts: Language is a gift from God that reflects both His creativity and order. The teaching of Language Arts instruction provides a multitude of experiences which deepens students’ literacy and develops biblical truths. God uses language to communicate His truth to us. The Language Arts will enable students to better understand God’s truth through the reading and comprehension of His word.
  • Physical Education: The Bible teaches that our bodies are temples of the Lord. Our students will learn to honor the Lord through fitness, sport, and personal and social conduct. These skills can then be used for a life of service in God’s kingdom.
  • Art and Music: The study of the fine arts and music is basic to a truly Christian education. As Creator, God communicates His love for beauty and detail through His creation. Art and music are key components of all cultures and civilizations, and they are an important part of worship for all Christians. Students will learn to see God’s beauty in art and music, and to create art and music as an expression of their love for God.