Pastor Michael Coutts


I graduated from Simpson College in December, 1985 with a B.A. in history and a California Teacher’s Credential. I did my student teaching at South San Francisco High School, and later taught there for one year. From 1987-1992, I worked at the South San Francisco Boys and Girls Club, first as the Athletic Director, and then as the Unit Director. I accepted a teaching position at Alpha Beacon Christian School in 1993, where I taught history, math, and science to students ranging from 7th – 11th grades.

In 1994, I accepted the position as Pastor of Hillside Church of God. For several years I worked bi-vocationally, both teaching school and pastoring the church. In 2001, I resigned my position at Alpha Beacon Christian School so I could concentrate on pastoring full-time.

In 2003, Hillside Christian Academy was launched when we expanded our preschool to include a kindergarten. I served as principal of Hillside Christian Academy (HCA) from 2003 until 2009, when Mrs. Gibson joined the staff as the full-time principal. In 2014, I received a Master’s of Science in Educational Leadership for Faith-Based Schools from California Baptist University.

God has given me a passion for Christian schools, and I am humbled that God continues to bless us with the ministry of HCA. Our desire is to bring our students to salvation through faith in Jesus Christ by discovering God’s truth, and studying His creation. I am blessed and honored to serve on the HCA administration team as the school pastor.